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Sheba Bonner

Sheba is the owner of Fresh Lemongrass Massage; which was established in April of 2013. She recieved a BS of Sociology from GA Southwestern State University in 2005. She also attended the International School of Skincare, Nalicare, and Massage and became a LMT in 2009. Her specialty is listening to her clients and tailoring a massage that will meet their needs. She refers to Fresh Lemongrass Massage as a natural pain management clinic, because while massage invokes relaxation, it also has great healing properties.

Bilquis Callaway

Betty Keener

Betty Keener is a GA LMT, in which she recieved her massage certification from GA Medical Institute in 2006. Betty is a lifelong resident of Fayette County and currently resides in Peachtree City. She was employed with the Fayette County Board of Education for over 17 years; but after realizing her true passion, she decided to pursue massage fulltime. Betty's specailties are Deep Tissue Therapy (specializing in the lower lumbar region), Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Sports, Prenatal, as well as Infant massage therapy. She also specializes in Anterior/ Posterior/ and Cervical Sciatica Relief Massage. Betty's true "Passion" is massage therapy, because of her dedicated perseverance, her ability to relieve pain, and her one on one approach with clients. 


Laura Warhol

Laura is a proponent of the 100 year Lifestyle and a lifelong learner! She was raised in a family of chiropractors and worked as a chiropractic assistant for 7 years, helping with applied kinesiology and acupuncture therapy. She currently manages Cafe' of Life in Grant Park. Also, she is excited  to offer Thai Bodywork at there and in Peachtree City at Fresh Lemongrass Massage, LLC.

Frank Lewis

Frank attended the Saint Paul College in Minnesota and became licensed in 2006 and is also National Board Certified. He is a native of Costa Rica and is bilingual; he speaks Spanish and English. Frank became interested in massage when he sustained a muscle injury as a basketball player. His specialties are deep tissue, Nueuro-muscular therapy, sports massage, shiatsu massage, and some energy work (spinal synchronization).